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Have you decided to step outside of your comfort zone to learn a new language? Spanishola is the Institute for you. No matter your age or level we have an appropriate class for you!

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Do you want to impress your parents with an A star grade on your next Spanish exam? Spanishola is the place for you. Take the step to better Spanish today!

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Does your son or daughter have hispanic roots? We can help your child to master a second language with fun and interactive online group lessons. Let your child take part in Spanishola today and give them a gift to carry for life!


Online Spanish lessons

Spanishola is more than a language Institute, Spanishola is a members only club where students thrive together to learn Spanish through group lessons.

At Spanishola the students get to interact with people from all over the world, not only to learn a language, but to further explore and learn a different culture.

Conversational practice with classmates, interactive group activities, readings, exercises, games and much more.

Moreover, Spanishola offers free conversational practice for each student, and every weekend we host free online activities such as group games and other online events where the students can deepen their knowledge in Spanish poetry, philosophy, cooking, and more!

Once you have created your profile and registered with us, you can choose your own schedule from the calendar, when you want to take part in conversational practices, all according to your available times and your level. The conversational practices are free and are not mandatory for your studies.


At Spanishola we offer 3 different stages of classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Below you can read about each level and see which one suits you.


Do you have little to no knowledge about Spanish? Our beginner level courses will provide you with everything you need to be able to learn and hold conversations in Spanish at the end of our course.

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Intermediate level courses are tailored for those who have got some experience in Spanish, if you can hold a conversation in Spanish but wants to improve on vocabulary, sentence building and more. 

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Advanced is for those who have good knowledge about Spanish, who can hold fluent conversations in Spanish but would like to improve and take their Spanish speaking abilities to a professional level.

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  • The group lessons provide a more interactive and fun way to learn Spanish, while still being able to connect 1-1 with the tutor, in a group class you also get the chance to make friends from all over the world, to practice and progress together!
  • Classmates at Spanishola is taking part in games, challenges with your classmates, solving quiz and testing each other.
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