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Effective Uses Of FFxIV Gil

Gil is an integral component of Final Fantasy XIV and managing it effectively will give you more time to focus on enjoying what truly matters in the game.

Some may take this to mean exploring new content like an expansion or event; others may prefer accessing in-demand gear or furniture.

Retainer Ventures

Hiring battle NPCs to retrieve materials or minions can be an efficient way of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, particularly around patch releases. But before sending out these adventurers on missions, it’s essential that they be properly equipped.

Once a retainer reaches a certain level, players can assign it to ventures which require either mog coins or kupo nuts and when completed will reward it with an item requested as well as experience or rare items.

Quick Exploration ventures provide the quickest authentic method for leveling a retainer, taking only an hour to complete. Gamers may also save tokens and send their retainers on regular Exploration ventures lasting eighteen hours and yield furniture, endgame gear and other items. Before sending out retainers on these missions, players should check the Market Board to ensure they are receiving fair compensation in Gil for their efforts. If needed, interested individuals can click here or check my source in order to know about Ffxiv Gil.

Treasure Hunts

Holding onto FFxiv Gil is vital for accessing catch-up gear, food and potions for raiding, cosmetic items such as minions and mounts and even catch-up gear for catch-up playthroughs. Luckily, core gameplay offers multiple Gil-gathering mechanisms which make accumulating these essentials simpler than ever!

Running Dungeons and FATEs provide reliable sources of income, while working in guildleves or on the market board is another effective method. Questing is another excellent source of steady Gil rewards that advance you towards end game.

Treasure hunts require immense stamina in terms of both their planning and running. There will undoubtedly be micro-failures along the way, like misspelling a word in one clue or not knowing where to hide another, yet persevering despite these setbacks helps build resilience, as well as helping identify strengths. Continuing even through setbacks allows participants to build resilience as well as focus on what they excel at doing best.


An ample supply of FFxiv Gil makes acquiring high-quality gear and unlocking end game content much simpler. Furthermore, having money means it is easy to port around the world while stocking up on essential consumables like Aether Tickets, Potions and Dark Matter.

Crafting often features progression and quality bars that fill at different rates depending on the current conditions of a recipe, from progress bars not filling at all to poor conditions that flag actions as failure and cause players to lose progress on current crafts.

FFXIV provides multiple methods for players to earn a steady flow of Gil, from questing and farming dungeons and Alliance raids, or running Duty Roulette runs, all the way up to buying player housing, gardens and workshops – an efficient and time-efficient way to generate quick profits! These activities all make great Gil-sinks.

Market Board

To succeed at Final Fantasy 14, players must amass an extensive amount of Gil. This currency is needed for purchasing gear, weapons and housing and can be earned through endgame missions, guildleves, dungeons and duty roulettes, selling items directly to NPCs or through market boards.

The Market Board is an ideal way to sell popular glamor gear, crafting materials and high level gear at discounted rates. As this player-based market often offers better deals and wider selection than vendor NPCs, this player-based market also allows you to purchase higher quality crafting mats which far outshone standard vendor gear in terms of stats.

However, the Market Board can be an extremely competitive market and making good money can be challenging. Furthermore, botting players may use server hops between markets in order to undercut competition. This practice can skew prices negatively.


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